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The Swiss tax system (individual tax)

Get to know the basics of the Swiss tax system here.

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Course overview

The course is divided into 7 chapters and includes a total of 35 videos, each 3-5 minutes long. At the end of each video there are 3 takeaways, which can also be downloaded as a PDF.


Some videos are available free of charge. After the one-time payment, you have unlimited and indefinite access to the entire content. 


  1. General Overview

  2. Taxable Income

  3. Properties

  4. Taxable Wealth

  5. Deductions

  6. The Social Security System

  7. Processes

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About me

Reliable | Open-minded | Eloquent | Intoxicating | In-depth knowledge of taxation | Outsourcing | Process optimization | Extensive knowledge of compliance and advice to international deployments and HR specialists

I started my career at the tax office in a Zurich municipality. I later switched to a Big 4 company and concentrated on providing tax-related services for private individuals living in Switzerland. With increasingly changing requirements
on the market, my focus has also changed in recent years. In addition to customer work, I also took on the management of the implementation of strategic projects.

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